Boot Construction



Boot Construction 

Our Boots Are Constructed for Beauty and Endurance

When it comes to women’s cowgirl boots, the overall integrity of their construction is just as (if not more) important than the boots’ look or style. Think about it, who wants to buy a cute pair of cowgirl boots only to have them wear out too soon and require repair or even replacement? At Gypsy Rose Boots, we know you deserve the absolute best in quality as far as your boots are concerned. 

Our commitment to excellence coupled with our comprehensive boot-construction method is exactly what distinguishes us from the countless other Western boot manufacturers out there. Gypsy Rose Boots proudly manufactures cowgirl boots for women under the sole direction of one of the largest tack and saddle makers in the world. This affiliation ensures the absolute highest level of quality and attention to detail goes into our boots’ construction.


Goodyear Welt Construction

Being dedicated to excellencein design, style and construction, Gypsy Rose Boots employs the Goodyear welt construction method when manufacturing our fine cowgirl boots. This particular method is named after Charles Goodyear, Jr., who invented the machinery used to carry out its function. If you’re not familiar with this process of boot-making and shoemaking, allow us to explain what happens during this meticulous construction method. 

Boots and shoes produced using the Goodyear welt construction process are considered to be the strongest, most structurally sound footwear available. A Goodyear welt, in our case, refers to a strip of genuine leather that extends the entire perimeter of the boot’s outsole. This welt provides the means to attach the upper portion of the boot by either sewing or gluing (or a combination of both). At Gypsy Rose Boots, we always stitch the welt—with either single- or double-row stitching—to the boot’s full-leather sole. What further sets us apart from other boot manufacturers is the fact that we proudly utilize the following components when constructing our line of women’s boots: 

Genuine leather upper
All-leather shaft
Full-leather heel 
Full welts
Half welts


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Benefits of Goodyear Welt Boot Construction

The takeaway here is that Goodyear welt construction produces enduring boots that stand up to daily wear and tear while retaining their beautiful Western aesthetic year after year. Thanks to their tediously sewn construction, these types of cowgirl boots are easy to repair and repeatedly resole, should the need arise later down the road. Many other cowgirl and cowboy boot manufacturers in the industry opt to use glue instead of stitching the welt to the sole, which produces a boot of lesser quality and prevents resoling and optimal repair. 

If you would like to learn more about boot construction at Gypsy Rose Boots, feel free to contact us today. We’d be happy to have a conversation with you!