Our Brand

The Gypsy Rose Brand

Combining Western Excellence, Finesse and Beautiful Design

Gypsy Rose Boots is steeped in a rich history that values hard work, top-quality materials and the artistry exhibited by the Country-Western fashion world. During the conception of Gypsy Rose Boots, our company leaders desired to share their love of fine-crafted Western footwear with every woman who appreciates a taste of country flair. By taking cues from emerging trends in women’s Western fashion and applying a comprehensive approach to leather manufacture, Gypsy Rose Boots was able to produce a line of full-leather cowgirl boots in a variety styles, colors and unique embroidery. 

Today, the Gypsy Rose Brand is synonymous with excellence in fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and beautiful design. This stems from our dedication to producing chic cowgirl boots by using only the most meticulous boot-construction process around—the Goodyear welt construction process. The combination of masterful workmanship and an eye for all things Western enables Gypsy Rose Boots to deliver a certain look; an aesthetic that stays true to the authentic Country-Western tradition while also offering new, innovative cowgirl boot styles for today’s (and tomorrow’s) country fashionistas. 



Gypsy Rose’s Promise to Customers

Gypsy Rose Boots knows what savvy country-chic women desire as far as women’s boots are concerned. While attractiveness and beautiful design are important attributes for cowgirl boots to have, these elements are only pieces of the overall puzzle. Women’s boots must also be comfortable, functional and durable, even after years of heavy use. At Gypsy Rose Boots, we ensure all these elements are present in our brand of women’s cowgirl boots and promise our boots will look fabulous and hold up to everyday wear and tear for years to come—while remaining competitively priced compared to other boot brands. 




Even if your pair of Gypsy Rose women’s boots should need to be repaired or resoled later on down the road, never fear. Thanks to the boots’ solid Goodyear welt construction, making boot repairs or resoling can be easily carried out since we don’t exclusively use glues to hold our boots together—as is standard with other women’s boot companies. 

Further, Gypsy Rose Boots firmly stands by and guarantees the beauty and quality of our line of women’s boots. We know they will bring enjoyment to every cowgirl, Southern Belle and country girl out there, whether they hang their hats in the big city or out in the sticks. If you’d like to learn more about what Gypsy Rose Boots has to offer today’s stylish women, we welcome you to contact us today!